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Art Portfolio vs. Investment Portfolio

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

In the professional art world, artists create a portfolio exemplifying their skills with their different pieces of work. It shows what the artist is able to accomplish. Without a personal portfolio, an artist may have a hard time being hired.

But for some reason, it's not the same in the investment world. Investment analysts aren't hired because of their portfolio performance, but because of their professional experience, certifications/education, other things on their resume and who they know in their network. Likewise, investment advisors aren't hired by clients due to their ability to grow their personal portfolio. Instead it's how good of a sales pitch can they do versus their competitors. But isn't portfolio performance ultimately what investors are looking to achieve? Is that not a better benchmark to show what the professional is capable of? (Hint: maybe it is, but many professionals would never get hired if that was the case. I've come across many advisors over the course of my career who suck at managing their own money.)

Like an artist does with their art portfolio, I want to share my investment portfolio with the world. Not because I want to get hired (although that could be a side benefit down the road). I want to add value to the lives of others through helping grow your money much like an artist adds to the world through spreading beauty and culture.

I also have a dream of one day being able to share my art portfolio online (digital art is a fledgling hobby of mine). But until that day comes, I'll make do with sharing my investment portfolio.

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