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More Color On My Full Portfolio

Full disclaimer: the portfolio performance shown on this website is just my Schwab portfolio. And the performance data only goes back to 01.01.2009 on Schwab so that what the portfolio inception date is on the return information included here. However my portfolio's actual since inception date is 10.31.2005.

My Schwab portfolio is currently comprised of 2 Individual accounts, 1 Rollover IRA and 1 Roth IRA. The bulk of the portfolio is in the Roth IRA, which makes it convenient because I can do short-term trades without any regards to capital gains. Tax free for life is a beautiful thing.

I also have a new 401(k) that I started contributing to in 2021 and plan on maxing out for this year. That is 100% invested in Vanguard S&P 500 Index Fund. As with most 401(k)s the fund choices are limited. So if you can't beat the market, join the market by investing in the market index with the lowest fee possible. As I've done with past 401(k) accounts, this will eventually get rolled into the Rollover IRA once I move on from my current employer. At that point I be able to invest in individual stocks which is my preference over mutual funds.

I also have a very small Coinbase account (currently under $1000) invested in Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. I think of this more as speculative play money rather than investing. I invested $250 back in 2018 because that was all I was willing to lose at the time.

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