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Why Next Level Money

You can find plenty of great personal finance websites on the internet. They'll tell you to earn more money through your job, side hustles or a new business idea. How to save more money by being a conscious spender who tracks your spending, only spends on things that add value to your life and eliminate spending on items that you don't actually need. And they'll tell you how to compound your wealth through investing. That's the magic formula. Earn. Save. Invest. Most other blogs will focus on earning more income and saving more money, but when it comes to investment ideas, it's usually pretty basic. Like invest in a diversified equity index fund like Vanguard Total Stock Market Index. Or invest in a target date fund in your 401(k). Or invest 90% in the S&P 500 and 10% in bond/cash (Warren Buffett's advice to the typical investor). But no one gives out investment ideas the way that a register professional financial advisor would. And further still not many personal finance bloggers have an insider track on what the professional financial advisor world gets wrong about investing.

I have been able to take my personal finances to the next level through investing. I've never made a 6 digit salary. I've never saved 40%+ of my income over the course of a year. But I have earned long-term investment returns that would place me in the top 0.1% of all investors. And that is what has allowed me to take my finances to the next level. Like me, you may not be a super-earner or a super-saver, but you can be a super-investor.

Now you too can take your money to the next level with completely free access to my world-class personal investment portfolio that outperformed the S&P 500 Index by 8.0% annualized over my first 15 years of investing. It's hard to argue with that track record. The Next Level Money weekly Investment Newsletter includes my portfolio allocation, trades for the week, and updated portfolio returns with complete transparency.

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